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Embracing the Whole Child

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Have you ever wished you could teach your child not just how to excel academically, but also how to treat herself and others with respect? Do you dream of introducing your son or daughter to the joys of music, the satisfaction of learning, and the beauty of the natural world?

So do we – and that’s why we offer Montessori education at our award-winning private pre-primary, preschool, and kindergarten programs. Our program is based on the guidelines of the Montessori method that’s been found to be the best approach to education around the world for well over a hundred years.

Small Classes for Big Results

Our classes are purposely small, with a very low student : teacher ratio, to ensure the children have the support and guidance they need, rather than the frustration of a crowded classroom.

One World Montessori embodies the sense of community and family that reduces anxiety among children, while it also increases confidence in an atmosphere of support and acceptance.

Dozens of otherwise ‘shy’ children, have gotten their start in our close-knit family environment, and have become centered in their value and confidence before ever even entering elementary school.  The result is a well-grounded child, equipped to weather life’s storms in a way others just can’t.

In addition, we also embrace and work with non-English speaking children, helping them to gain fluency in an immersion environment, surrounded with patience and support.

We’ve found that our non-English speaking children become more comfortable in the English speaking world and gain basic communication skills for their transition into their more advanced education.

A special group we hold dear is that of mildly autistic children. Miss Debi has taught autistic children in other countries which provided her with skills to help these special kids develop and progress so they’re prepared to move forward in the classroom setting.

Each child is different, but the patience and understanding needed for their unique challenges is a positive and formative force in their growth at One World Montessori.

“You’ve touched our lives in a way words cannot describe. Thank you for helping [our daughter] grow into the bright, happy kid she is today. We’ll miss you all so much!” – R.H. and S.A.H.

The School Parents Wish THEY Had Attended


Parents sometimes tell us they wish their early education had been as creative, challenging, and just downright fun as One World Montessori School. What could be better for a kid than baking bread, growing vegetables, and taking care of pets?

And what could be more satisfying than seeing your child become independent and self-motivated to learn and explore?

But it’s not just parents who love our school. Kids respond so well to the integrated, whole-person approach at One World Montessori, they often beg their parents to bring them back for a visit.

“Since the first day of attending school, [my daughter] has never said she doesn’t want to go to school. It is quite the contrary! She wants to go to Ms. Debi’s class even during weekends!” - L.G.


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Give Your Child the Best in Early Childhood Education

There’s a reason the Montessori method has been popular among both education experts and parents since 1907 when it was designed by Dr. Maria Montessori. In a peaceful setting, children are respected as unique individuals. Dr. Montessori firmly believed that all children – with gentle guidance – are capable of teaching themselves.

At One World, you can find our students engaged in a range of activities:

  • focusing on academics, including Language, Math, Geometry, History, and Science
  • expressing their creativity with arts and crafts
  • singing and songwriting in music classes
  • stretching and building muscles in weekly children’s yoga classes
  • tending to flowers, vegetables, and herbs in the children’s garden
  • walking the nature trails
  • helping to prepare healthy, organic snacks
  • washing their own china dishes
  • learning foreign languages, immersion style
  • enjoying the healthy environment of a classroom cleaned with kid- and Earth-friendly products

The teachers at One World are dedicated to bringing the gifts of a Montessori education to all their students.

Debi Brinker, Julia Lincycomb, and all our lead teachers are Montessori-certified, and our assistants have worked in a Montessori setting for at least one year. With kindness, warmth, and love, our teachers accept all children into the One World family.

Studies Prove Montessori is the Best for Your Child

A study published in the winter 2007 edition of the Journal of Research of Childhood Education found that children educated in Montessori programs continued to excel academically for the rest of their educational careers, especially in science and mathematics. It also found that children who began in Montessori schools, transitioned particularly well into traditional schools.

Another study, the most thorough scientific research on Montessori education to date, was conducted by Angelina Lillard, Ph.D., and demonstrates the science behind the Montessori method, and why it’s so successful. See the parade of world-changers educated in the Montessori curriculum here.

From the standpoint of social development, mathematics, science, as well as language arts and cultural studies, there isn’t a better foundation for your child.

**Announcing: Beginning Fall 2012, One World Montessori will be a nut-free environment.**

Learn More about One World Montessori School

for Your Toddler or Preschooler

We love to host prospective parents at One World and discuss our childcare and educational philosophy. Call us today to schedule a visit at our Cedar Park location. See for yourself how the Montessori method can make a lasting difference in your child’s life.

Call 512-947-8951 or 512-249-0256 today and ask for Ms. Debi or Ms. Julia. We look forward to meeting you and your child!




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